Garden Planning Resources

There’s still lots of snow that has yet to melt here before planting will be possible outdoors, but spring is not too far off here in Southwest Michigan and I must say that I’m so ready for it.

I have been planning my garden for weeks now. The winter blues caught on hard a month or so back and I began tearing through seed catalogs to ward it off.

Planning my garden each year is always something I always look forward to. However, it can sometimes seem like a daunting task. There are so many places to go to buy seeds and other supplies. And so many options.

Before I knew much about planning a garden, I would pick up whatever was left at the garden center at my local grocery store in the late spring. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with doing this, stocking your garden at this type of store is not ideal if you want real variety, quality, and uniqueness.

There are many awesome sources for garden seeds, plants, trees, etc. that use ethical growing/seed saving practices, and offer many unique and quality products. I’ve compiled a list of some of these resources to help you plan your garden this year. It is certainly not all-encompassing by any means, but it does include several companies who I have had success with in the past. Happy Garden Planning!

Seed Companies

Baker Creek

One of my favorite seed companies. They offer an amazing variety of heirloom, non-hybrid, non-GMO, untreated, open pollinated seeds. A huge selection of vegetables, melons, flowers, and herbs.

Bountiful Gardens:

Heirloom, untreated, open pollinated seeds. Many different flowers, vegetables, grains, mushroom kits, and lots of unique herbs.

Sow True Seed:

GMO-free, open pollinated seeds that aren’t ever treated with fungicide or pesticide. They offer a variety of herb, vegetable, flower, garlic, and cover crops.

Seed Savers Exchange:

Non-profit organization that offers untreated, non-GMO seeds. Many varieties of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and potatoes.

High Mowing Seeds

100% organic, non-GMO seeds. A variety of herbs, flowers, cover crops, and vegetables.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds:

Organic, heirloom seeds. I’ve never personally purchased seeds from this company, but I know others who have been quite satisfied with their experience with them.

Trees, Bushes, and Vines, etc. 

Raintree Nursery:

Fruit and nut trees, ornamentals, berries, citrus, mushrooms, unusuals, and tropicals

Horizon Herbs:

Lots of unique medicinal herb plants and seeds.

Burgess Seed & Plant Company:

They offer reasonably priced trees, shrubs, and seeds with a 1 year guarantee for all purchases.


Garden Supplies:

Nature’s Footprint

Worm bins, mini-greenhouses, and self watering planters.


A variety of gardening and preserving supplies.

If you aren’t convinced you have the time or want to put in the effort of gardening, you can still enjoy fresh, local produce all summer long. Check out Local Harvest to find farms and CSAs close to where you live. Visiting the closet farmer’s market is also a great place to get fresh food.

If you need some more info to get you started, check out some of the great resources listed below.

Educational Garden Resources:

Seed Saver’s Exchange:

Garden planner

-Free educational webinars

Seed saving resources

Sow True Seed:

Planting guide

Seed saving tips

High Mowing Seeds: 

Organic farming and gardening articles

US Hardiness Zone Map

Growing/seed saving articles


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