100+ Natural Gift Ideas for New Moms 

If you’ve looked for a baby shower gift lately, you know that there are tons of baby clothes, body care products, and toys on the market these days. But, while many of these items are created for babies, not all of these items are necessarily safe for them. Unfortunately, many conventional baby products are made with toxic materials and ingredients that can cause a variety of health issues, including allergies, developmental problems, and cancer. Selecting the right gift for new moms and their little ones can be a difficult task if you are trying to find natural alternatives to these commercial products. Fortunately, this massive round up offers over 100 baby-safe gift ideas for the new mom in your life.


The following gift ideas are for the crafty folks. For those of you who prefer to buy a gift, keep reading, there’s lots of ideas for you too.

DIY Baby & Mama Personal Care Products:

  1. Bottoms-Up Salve adapted from Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health – This salve is great for healing and soothing diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, and irritated skin making it a great addition to any new mom’s diaper bag or changing table.

Photo Credit: The Nerdy Farmwife

  • 1 part calendula flowers
  • 1 part comfrey leaf
  • 1 part comfrey root
  • 1 part St. John’s wort
  • Olive oil
  • Beeswax pastilles


Combine 2 ounces of herb mixture with one pint of oil and let steep in a double boiler over very low heat for several hours. Check often to make sure that the oil isn’t overheating and burning the herbs. This will make about 2 cups of herb infused oil.

Strain the herbs from the oil and compost the spent herbs. Return the herbal oil to the double boiler and 1/4 cup grated beeswax per cup of herbal oil.

When the beeswax has melted, place a tablespoon of the mixture in the refrigerator for a few minutes until cooled. This will allow you to check the consistency. If the salve is too hard, add a little more oil. If it is too soft, add a little more beeswax.

When the salve is finished, pour it into a glass jar or tin. Spruce up your container with a label or other decorative touches. The salve does not need to be refrigerated, but should be stored in a cool place, as it will melt if overheated.

Photo Credit: Mountain Rose Herbs
2. Cloth Baby Wipes from Evergrowing Farm – These cloth wipes are easy to make and are safe for baby and the environment.


3. Mama & Baby’s Massage Oil from Mountain Rose Herb – This gentle massage oil is perfect for soothing baby’s delicate skin and is also the perfect gift to pamper a new mama.

Photo credit: The Herbal Academy




4. Child’s Herbal Bath Sock from The Herbal Academy – Herbal baths are a great way to nourish and heal baby’s skin. These cute bath socks are easy to make and allow baby to benefit from an herbal bath without any extra clean up for mom.




5. Three Nursing Balms for New Moms from the Nerdy Farmwife – These three nursing balm recipes vary in complexity and are all wonderful, safe options for sore, dry nipples.

Photo credit: Mountain Rose Herbs




6. For more DIY gift ideas, check out these 5 Calming DIY Gifts for Moms from Mountain Rose Herbs





The following gift ideas include some lovely natural body care products that you can buy for baby & mom if you’re short on time or if DIY just isn’t your thing.

Natural Baby & Mama Personal Care Products:

7.  Natural Baby Powder from Wild Blossom Herbals – Conventional baby powders can contain ingredients that are toxic and potentially cancer causing. This baby powder is a wonderful alternative as it is made with only natural, baby safe ingredients.

Photo credit: Wild Blossom Herbals










8. Baby Massage Oil from Wild Carrot Herbals – This massage oil is made with gentle ingredients that are safe for baby’s delicate skin.

Photo credit: Herbal Revolution
9. Mother Lovin’ Tea from Herbal Revolution – Help nourish and uplift a new mama with this lovely tea blend that is specifically formulated to provide extra nutrients and minerals, balance hormones, and support the nervous system.







Photo credit: Mountain Rose Herbs
10. Baby’s Balm from Mountain Rose Herbs – A soothing salve that’s perfect for baby’s skin and bottom.






11. Baby Shampoo from Earth Mama Angel Baby – This gentle baby shampoo is naturally calming and cleansing, making it perfect for bath time.

12. Peaceful Labor Aromatherapy Mist from Paper Crane Apothecary – This soothing aromatherapy mist is formulated to promote inner strength and peace during childbirth. It can also be used during pregnancy and postpartum to help calm new moms.











13. Baby’s Bath Herb Blend from Mountain Rose Herbs – A sweet, floral herbal blend that can be added to bath water to calm infants and gently soothe delicate skin.

Photo credit: Mountain Rose Herbs


Photo credit: Lala Earth






14. Mama Butter from Lala Earth – This cream is perfect for soothing and moisturizing mama’s belly, breasts, and nipples and is made with all natural ingredients that are safe for use during pregnancy and nursing.

Photo credit: Wild Blossom Herbals





15. Uplifting Bath Salt Blend from Wild Blossom Herbals – This lovely bath salt blend is formulated to help ease aches and pains and to relieve anxiety and stress making it a wonderful gift to help pamper and uplift a new mom.






16. The Sacred Womban Herbal Pregnancy Kit from Irish Roots Witchin Remedies – This lovely pregnancy kit comes with 6 herbal products that are formulated to nourish and support expectant mothers.The kit includes:  Bloom Herbal Extract, Spirited Flower Essence,  Retreat Botanical Bath Blend,  Calm & Center Herbal Tisane, Radical Self-Love Botanical Body & Belly Oil, and Nourish & Ground Nutritive Vinegar.

Photo Credit: Irish Roots Witchin Remedies
17. Fecundi-Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs – This refreshing tea blend is formulated to support pregnant moms. The addition of mint and ginger are helpful for easing nausea and queasiness.

Photo Credit: Mountain Rose Herbs


Photo Credit: Empire Squid







18.  Organic Diaper Cream from Empire Squid – This natural diaper cream is formulated for everyday use to help protect and soothe baby’s bottom.






19. New Mother Natural Skin Care Set from Wild Fern Medicinals – This set includes a body a gentle, multi-purpose oil and salve that are safe and soothing for baby and mom.

Photo Credit: Wild Fern Medicinals










20. Calm Baby Aromatherapy Mist from Soothe Me Skincare – A gentle aromatherapy spray that can be used to help calm baby before bedtime or during travel.

Photo Credit: Mountain Rose Herbs
21. Aloe Baby Wash from Oregon Soap Company – This body wash is mild enough for baby’s sensitive skin and is Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.





Photo Credit: Wild Seed Apothecary
22. New Momma Basket from Wild Seed Apothecary – This lovely gift package comes in a homemade grass basket and includes Comfrey ointment, New Momma Tonic Tea, and Don’t Worry Momma Tincture.







The following baby items are made from natural and/or organic materials and are, of course, incredibly adorable.

Natural & Eco-Friendly Gifts for Baby

23. Reversible Veggie Print Baby Beanie from Beet Heart Organics

Photo Credit: Beet Heart Organics
24 . Knit Elephant Romper from My Baby Bee and Me

Photo credit: My Baby Bee and Me










25. Floral Leggings from Peony & Fern

Photo Credit: Peony & Fern












26 .Handwoven Jumper by Fox & Traveling Gypsy

Photo Credit: Fox & Traveling Gypsy













27. Wool Baby Cardigan by Molly the Sheep

Photo Credit: Molly the Sheep

28. Asparagus Print Baby Dress by Hello Little Pinecone

Photo Credit: Hello Little Pinecone










29. Woodland Creatures Felted Baby Mobile from Woolen Tenderness

Photo Credit: Woolen Tenderness
Photo Credit: Fae Moon Wolf Designs














30. Baby Moccasins from Fae Moon Wolf Designs








31. Baby Girl Flower Print Skirt by Growing up Wild

Photo credit: Growing Up Wild












32. Flower Sun Hat from Under the Nile

Photo Credit: Under the Nile
Photo Credit: Petal & Branch








33. Organic Crib Sheet by Petal & Branch







Photo Credit: Alber Road
34. Baby Mittens from Alber Road


Photo Credit: Savage Seeds






35. Wildflower Onesie from Savage Seeds








36. Orange Baby Shorts from Hello, Ellie

Photo Credit: Hello, Ellie








37. Floral Baby Blanket from Pure and Sweet Organics

Photo Credit: Pure and Sweet Organics










38. Baby Knot Hat from Jade & Lace

Photo Credit: Jade & Lace









39. Bumble Bee Rattle from Little Roots Toy Shop

Photo Credit: Little Roots Toy Shop
40. Hand Knit Baby Booties by Hippy Sticks

Photo Credit: Hippy Sticks








41. Reversible Bloomers from Fox & the Traveling Gypsy

Photo Credit: Fox & the Traveling Gypsy
42. Mushroom Print Onesie from Oh, Little Rabbit

Photo Credit: Oh, Little Rabbit
43. Pacifier Clip from Little Field Handmade



Photo Credit: Urban Baby Organics







44.Floral Baby Bib from Urban Baby Organics









45. Sleeveless Chameleon Print Onesie from Under the Nile

Photo Credit: Under the Nile

Photo Credit: Lola & Stella
46. Pineapple Print Bloomers/Diaper Cover from Lola & Stella

Photo Credit: Earth Baby Clothing






47. Infant Three-Piece Set from Earth Baby Clothing

Photo Credit: Little Pokadee










48. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from Little Pokadee

Photo Credit: Under the Nile








49. Summer Romper from Under the Nile

Photo Credit: Molly the Sheep










50. Baby Wool Sweater Hoodie by Molly the Sheep






Photo Credit: Beet Heart Organics
51. Organic Beet Print Baby Pants from Beet Heart Organics













52. Cat Onesie from boygirlparty

Photo Credit: boygirlparty
Photo Credit: Chamomile & Roses












53. Organic Knot Headband from Chamomile & Roses

Photo Credit: Lost Boy Goods






54. Hand Dyed Bamboo Cotton Swaddle Baby Blanket from Lost Boy Goods

Photo Credit: Growing Up Wild







55. Happy Camper Bodysuit from Growing Up Wild

Photo Credit: Marley’s Monsters







56. Teething Ring from Marley’s Monsters








57. Organic Baby Triangle Print Shorts from Hold You Me

Photo Credit: Hold You Me
Photo Credit: Chewbeads









58. Baby Teether from Chewbeads









59. Organic Carrot Rattle from Little Roots Toy Shop

Photo Credit: Little Roots Toy Shop
60. Baby Fleece Hoodie from My Baby Bee and Me

Photo Credit: My Baby Bee and Me









61. Tribal Baby Quilt from Go Be Wonderful

Photo Credit: Go Be Wonderful
Photo Credit: Under the Nile











62. Hot Air Balloon Print Dress from Under the Nile

Photo Credit: Hello Little Pinecone









63. Felted Wool Baby Booties by Hello Little Pinecone

Photo Credit: Eva & Beans








64. Baby Overalls by Eva & Beans

Photo Credit: Molly the Sheep













65. Wool Baby Hat by Molly the Sheep

Photo Credit: Alber Road





66. Baby Flutter Sleeves Tunic by Alber Road





67. Crinkle Paper by Marley’s Monsters

Photo Credit: Marley’s Monsters











68. New Born Belly Bag by Alba Organics

Photo Credit: Alba Organics









69. Baby Hairbow Headband by Posh Pelican Co

Photo Credit: Posh Pelican Co.
70. Secret Garden Baby Jacket from Little Green Radicals


Photo Credit: Little Green Radicals











71. Bunny Rattle from Little Roots Toy Shop

Photo Credit: Little Roots Toy Shop











72. Baby Teddy Bear Hat from Chunky Money Beanies

Photo Credit: On the Tree Top Photography








73. Floral Baby Trousers by Chou Chiffons

Photo Credit: Chou Chiffons










74. Organic Happy Camper Baby Blanket from Growing Up Wild

Photo Credit: Growing Up Wild














75. Plush Organic Elephant Toy from Under the Nile

Photo Credit: Under the Nile








76. Floral Romper from Evelyn Fields

Photo Credit: Evelyn Fields











77. Hand Knit Baby Socks from Hippy Sticks

Photo Credit: Hippy Sticks
Photo Credit: Alber Road






78. Tribal Print Baby Sweatshirt from Alber Road







79. Set of 2 Floral Print Organic Burp Cloths from Textile Trolley

Photo Credit: Textile Trolley










80. Baby Bloomers from Maeflower

Photo Credit: Maeflower

81. Mushroom Print Baby Shoes by Growing Up Wild

Photo Credit: Growing Up Wild









82. Organic Cotton Plush Veggie Toys from Under the Nile

Photo Credit: Under the Nile










83. Newborn Alpaca Mittens by Ingugu

Photo Credit: Ingugu










84. Peapod Onesie from Barefoot

Photo Credit: Barefoot












The following gifts are focused on helping mom in a variety of ways, from stocking her diaper bag, to decorating baby’s nursery, and everything in between.

Natural & Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mom

85. Teething Necklace from Chewbeads – This teething necklace is safe for baby and stylish for momma.


Photo Credit: Chewbeads















86. MoonWomb Nursing Pillow from The Sustainable Baby – This pillow is made with all natural ingredients and helps breastfeeding moms support baby during nursing.

Photo Credit: The Sustainable Baby

87. Vintage Fabric Bunting from The Spotted Barn – This adorable bunting would be the perfect addition to any nursery.

Photo Credit: The Spotted Barn

88. Reusable Nursing Pads from Marley’s Monsters – These reusable nursing pads come in a variety of fun prints and are naturally absorbent without being too bulky.

Photo Credit: Marley’s Monsters








89. Thai Fabric Wet Bags from Fox & the Traveling Gypsy – These beautiful wet bags would be the perfect addition to any new mom’s diaper bag.

Photo Credit: Fox & the Traveling Gypsy











90. Baby Month Milestone Wooden Blocks by The Urban Baby – These wooden blocks would be the perfect photo prop for new moms who want to document baby’s first months.

Photo Credit: The Urban Baby








91. Organic Moby Wrap from Moby – This comfortable baby carrier is a great gift for new moms on the go.

Photo Credit: Moby














92. Breastfeeding Baby Necklace from Smile Sunshine Designs – This adorable necklace is  the perfect accessory for new moms as it is safe for baby to play with and chew on.

Photo Credit: Smile Sunshine Designs








93.Tiger water color painting from RiverLuna – This cute little tiger painting would be adorable in baby’s nursery.

Photo Credit: River Luna


94. Wise Woman Herbal for the Child Bearing Year by Susun Weed – This wonderful book is full of information about pregnancy, child birth, and postpartum care. It lists many recipes for alleviating common woes associated with pregnancy and child bearing and details herbs that are safe for use at each stage. It is sure to  be a favorite reference book for any natural momma.



95. Healing Crystal Calming Pregnancy Bracelet from Zaraluna – This pretty bracelet is made with moonstone, amazonite, and rose quartz to support well being, health, and calm during pregnancy and childbirth.

Photo Credit: Zaraluna

Photo Credit: Cheeky Little Coconut
96. Organic Cotton Maternity Pants from Cheeky Little Coconut – These cute, boho maternity pants are designed to be super comfortable and are made with organic fabrics that don’t have toxic dyes and chemicals, so they are safe for mom and baby.








Photo Credit: Milk Magic
97. Chocolate Blueberry Lactation Cookie Mix from Milk Magic- This cookie mix is formulated to help breastfeeding moms replenish nutrients and increase milk production.





98. Infinity Scarf/Nursing Cover by The Milk & Honey Co – This nifty nursing cover doubles as a stylish infinity scarf and a baby blanket.

Photo Credit: The Milk & Honey Co
99. Matching Tee & Onsie Set from Urban Baby Co – This adorable matching tee and onesie set is the perfect gift for a proud new momma.

Photo Credit: Urban Baby Co








100. Educational Artwork from Blue Salt Box – This shop offers lots of beautiful artwork that is inspired by nature to engage children and teach them about the world around them.

Photo Credit: Our Slice of Sunshine, Artwork by: Blue Salt Box

101. Himalayan Salt Lamp – from Nature’s Whimsy – These pretty lamps help to purify air and have a soothing glow, making them a great addition to baby’s nursery. Be sure that the lamp you get is made of pure Himalayan salt, not a cheap substitute salt. For more on the benefits of these lamps, check out this blog post from Wellness Mama.

Photo Credit: Nature’s Whimsey

So, there you have it. Over 100 baby-safe, natural ideas for how to spoil the new momma in your life.

Any must-have natural baby gifts we missed? Let us know! Leave a comment below.





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