About Us

We’re two young folks who share a passion for natural beauty, fresh food, and a good, simple life.  Our shared experience in organic farming, permaculture design, agricultural research, herbalism, homesteading and the endlessly interesting fields which branch from it and are too numerous to list finally led us to the country to achieve our goals. Since making the move to our small town in Michigan, we’ve been working hard to establish our 2.2 acre site. From the fruits of these labors, Augusta Creek Permaculture was born.

We are believers and we are doers. We are constantly starting projects, planting seeds, trying new recipes, and crafting herbal products. It’s an exciting and fulfilling journey and much is learned along the way. This blog documents some of our musings and details some of our favorite discoveries in the kitchen and the dirt. We hope you enjoy our little slice of sunshine.


Meet the Authors


Kristine is Certified  Permaculture Designer and Herbalist. She is passionate about making all natural medicinal, beauty, and cleaning products and is the brains behind Wild Blossom Herbals. You can find her handcrafted herbal products for body, health, and home for sale in her etsy shop. She loves animals and tends to the Nigerian Dwarf goats that live on the Augusta Creek farmstead. She enjoys hiking and foraging native edible and medicinal plants.

Matt is a horticulturalist and Certified Permaculture Designer. He has a great deal of knowledge and experience in organic farming, agricultural research, and permaculture landscape design. He specializes in establishment of low maintenance and sustainable systems for production of fruit, vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, and specialty crops. He is skillful in plant propagation techniques, natural pest management, composting methods, and soil rehabilitation. His knack for edible landscape design and management can be seen throughout the Augusta Creek forest garden.