About Slice of Sunshine


Slice of Sunshine has its roots in the woods, meadows, dunes, and organic farm fields of Southwest Michigan. It was the beauty of these natural (or semi-natural) spaces that inspired a passion for fresh food, and a good, simple life, thus leading to this blog’s fruition. Here you will find musings about homesteading, herbalism, natural animal care, permaculture design, regenerative agriculture, as well as the details of some of our favorite discoveries in the kitchen and gardens.

Meet the Author


I am an herbalist with a background in Creative Writing and Permaculture Design. I co-manage Wild Blossoms Farm. I also craft & sell goat cheeses and a variety of herbal body, health, & home products. These concoctions can be found for sale in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

I am passionate about growing the herbs that I use in my products, but also love using herbs grown locally by some of the lovely folks in my community. I enjoy wild crafting and utilizing native plants. Since most of my years as an herbalist were spent in Southwest Michigan, much of my herbal knowledge pertains to plants that also grow in North America. Currently, one the things that I am really focusing on is learning as much as possible about the beautiful, hardy Andean plants that grow here in Ecuador.

I enjoy cooking and making fermented foods. I also have a huge heart for animals and tend to the dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and ducks that call Wild Blossoms Farm home.