What is a Forest Garden?

A forest garden is a low maintence, highly biodiverse and productive system that is structurally based on naturally occuring, young woodland ecosystems.  By planting in polycultures, or “guilds” of many species, focusing on perrenials and utilizing verticle space by growing trees, shrubs, herbacious plants, sprawling plants, root and vining crops all together we create beautiful and incredibly stable environments.  Once established, these systems cycle their own nutrients, eliminating the need for fertilizer, build soil rather than deplete it, provide habitate for native animals and insects, require no watering or pesticides AND produce increasing returns over time.  While blending seamlessly with the natural environment, a relatively small space can produce all the food, medicine and even fuel, fiber, dye or compost material you will ever need.  In addition to the many practical reasons to create a forest garden, they are just simply a very lush and lovely place to be.  The many contrasting colors, smells, and textures of the plants that live within are enough to make one’s soul sing. Whew, what’s not to love?